Fresh Art: Mike Libby & The Insect Lab


Mantidae: Tenodera Supertitiosa
Brass, and steel watchparts, gears, springs, screws, glow in the dark dial

Artist Mike Libby fuses together the natural and mechanical by combining real insect bodies with a variety of old wristwatch parts and electrical components.

Cerambycidae: Batocera Numitor
Steel pocket watch parts, gears, springs and shafts.

Rutelidae: Plusiotis Beyerii
Brass and steel and copper watch parts, gears and dials.

Arachnidae: Heteromoetrus Spinifer

Steel, brass and copper watch gears, dials and parts.

See more of Mr. Libby’s work HERE

2 thoughts on “Fresh Art: Mike Libby & The Insect Lab

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