Android & Bluetooth mobile connection issues: Garmin Connect

Garmin Navigation Systems and Garmin Connect App are attached to a Bluetooth connection. Some technical problems with Bluetooth can, however, interrupt your Garmin app synchronization with the Connect mobile device.


If the Bluetooth communication experiences errors, a user faces the following symptoms

  • Data integration problems.
  • The Garmin unit has constant messages of interruption.
  • Smart notifications can not be received.
  • Link IQ feature.
  • Can not load widgets like weather and calendar. The “Wait for Data” notice will also be displayed.


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  1. First, check whether the Garmin unit has Bluetooth enabled.
  • Refer to the Owner’s Manual for your particular product for assistance.
  1. Check now that your mobile connection device enables Bluetooth.
  2. To visit “Garmin Devices,” open the Connect Mobile app.


Not Connected error is shown in the Garmin unit

  1. Restart both your system Garmin and your mobile.
  2. Open Connect Mobile when the two devices start again.
  3. Visit the segment on Garmin Systems.
  4. Wait a while and reconnect the phones. In a few minutes, you will get a’ Connected’ alert.

Please note:‘ Connected’ notification will not appear for the Vivofit series unless otherwise synchronized. Look to the’ Getting Started’ page in the owner’s manual for additional information. If facing Problem in updating garmin map for free contact garmin helpline.


Reconnection error for 1 to 2 minutes of the Garmin system & mobile

For Android

  1. Tap and hold the Garmin equipment on the Garmin device.
  2. Tap “Device removal” or removal.
  3. Choose ‘ Add Device ‘ and follow the pairing guide.



  1. Touch the unit of Garmin.
  2. Click the top right of the screen at the three points.
  3. Select the option’ Remove Device’ then the’ Continue’ option.
  4. Select’ Bluetooth’ and visit their settings.
  5. Click the data icon next to the Garmin App in the row of’ My Apps.’
  6. Choose the’ Forget Device’ option.
  7. Check out “Mobile Connects” and then “Garmin Devices.”
  8. Select the’ Attach unit’ option and follow the pairing guide.
  9. The’ Paired ‘ message appears in Connect Mobile: Tap ‘ Add Device.’
  10. Choose the template computer you would like to attach.
  11. Consult the method guidance for matching.


The mobile connection shows the message ‘ Bluetooth is disabled.’

For Android

  1. Tap the ‘ Turn it on ‘ button or ‘ On. ‘
  2. Click ‘ Disable ‘ if you get prompt.
  3. Wait 1-2 minutes for a text ‘ Connected ‘ to appear on your phone.



  1. Access and activate their settings.
  2. Return to the Connect Mobile’s section ‘ Garmin Devices.’
  3. Only wait a few minutes until the text’ Connected’ appears on your phone.

You will attach your Garmin app to your mobile device. Since the speeds of Bluetooth vary, the transfer of the data to the Garmin Connect app and the Garmin Device can, therefore, take some time.

If your device is connected and still struggles, see the Garmin Connect Status Page. Garmin Tech Support professionals can also be contacted to help.…