The Branches of Knowledge

The Branches of Knowledge

10/11. History and Philosophy of Logic
10/12. Formal Logic, Metalogic, and Applied Logic

10/21. History and Foundations of Mathematics
10/22. Branches of Mathematics
10/23. Applications of Mathematics

10/31. History and Philosophy of Science
10/32. The Physical Sciences
10/33. The Earth Sciences
10/34. The Biological Sciences
10/35. Medicine and Affiliated Disciplines
10/36. The Social Sciences and Psychology
10/37. The Technological Sciences

History and the Humanities
10/41. Historiography and the Study of History
10/42. The Humanities and Humanistic Scholarship

10/51. History of Philosophy
10/52. The Nature and the Divisions of Philosophy
10/53. Philosophical Schools and Doctrines

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