How to upgrade your Garmin via Connect or Express to the most recent software

It’s vital to ensure your Garmin watch is equipped with the most recent software. In addition to receiving all the latest additional features, regular updates of the Garmin-former, Fenix, Quatix, or vivoactive-also helps eliminate niggling bugs that might affect performance.

Fortunately, updating a sports watch is an easy method and most consumers will update without realizing it. We will explain in this guide how to examine whether you operate the recent software and to provide information about instant and manual changes.

Have you got the latest software?

Software updates can be big or tiny and are unique to the specific designs of Garmin, as compared to iOS or Android. For instance, v4.20 was designated specifically for Forerunner 645 and provided slight bug fixes, such as problems for sunrise and sunset moments that did not suit daylight saving for New Zealand customers, and issues with non-GPS activities in the Navigation Menu.

  1. Settings > About
  2. The Unit ID (serial code) and the variant of the app (eg 5.70 (1517997)) are listed here. If you have issues with your watch and need to fix issues via customer assistance, this data can be useful.

Automatic updating of software

Most Garmin watches can update the software afterward when you are coupled to the Garmin Connect mobile app. By standard, automatic software updates are allowed, but you have to jump into the watch environments to verify that configuration.

  1. To raise the system menus, click the top button for a long time.
  2. To Settings, scroll down and choose Start / Stop.
  3. Select the System from here and scroll to the bottom of the menu.
  4. Software Update is available here.
  5. To switch between on and off, use the select button.

Updates are automatically sent to the record using the portable applications when activated. The Garmin Connect software automatically downloads and installs the update when necessary. At the start of the method, your watch will probably adjust.

Manual software updates

If auto-software updates are switched off within the Settings >  System, new versions won’t be updated to a handset automatically. You must go and look for them in these instances.

  1. To compile the system menus, click the top button.
  2. To Settings scroll down and choose Start / Stop.
  3. Select System from here and scroll through the menu at the bottom.
  4. Software Update is available here.
  5. The variant (e.g. v4.60) will show you, the Install Now choice will bring you and the projected installation time.
  6. To verify, press confirm.

Garmin Express update from your computer

You may hook up to a Mac or Windows PC via a physical link if you do not use the Garmin Connect smartphone application to wirelessly connect your device.

The charging cable is connected to your computer’s USB port or desktop and your watch. You can download it here if you don’t have the Garmin Express app. Follow the directions for pairing your phone on the screen. You will need to configure one if you do not have a Garmin Connect card.

The Garmin Express app should then be opened automatically once it is plugged in, showing your watch status. Garmin Express will give it to your device if you have activated instant software updates.

You will receive information about fresh firmware when automatic updates are switched off. In any manner do not disconnect the device from your laptop during the update phase and pursue the on-screen instructions.…

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