DIY Curriculum: Flags Over California


Flags Over California



Project: A colorful investigation of early California history using miniature flags and interesting facts [who knew California was once under the Argentine flag?]
Supplies: Internet, cardstock, bamboo skewers, cardboard

1. Print out all 33 mini flags from:

2. Glue the flags to shortened bamboo skewers and create corresponding index cards that have the basic information for each flag.

3. “Plant” your flags onto a map of California, choosing locations that correspond to where each flag first “landed”. We printed out a map and glued it to a piece of cardboard [nice and thick, from a box]. The pointy end of the flags [the bamboo skewers] poke in nicely and stay in place well.

4. You could also display your flags in a long row using two pieces of cardboard as a supportive strips.

5. Create a folder where all pieces can be stored away for future use.

Additional California flag history found at:

3 thoughts on “DIY Curriculum: Flags Over California

  1. This is so interesting!!

    • Hi Kelly, thanks for stopping by. Big hugs to you and your family!

  2. Other sources of information and images are through our museum, The Bear Flag Museum at and as well as our facebook group Friends of the California Bear Flag.


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