DIY Curriculum: Flags Over California


Flags Over California



Project: A colorful investigation of early California history using miniature flags and interesting facts [who knew California was once under the Argentine flag?]
Supplies: Internet, cardstock, bamboo skewers, cardboard

1. Print out all 33 mini flags from:

2. Glue the flags to shortened bamboo skewers and create corresponding index cards that have the basic information for each flag.

3. “Plant” your flags onto a map of California, choosing locations that correspond to where each flag first “landed”. We printed out a map and glued it to a piece of cardboard [nice and thick, from a box]. The pointy end of the flags [the bamboo skewers] poke in nicely and stay in place well.

4. You could also display your flags in a long row using two pieces of cardboard as a supportive strips.

5. Create a folder where all pieces can be stored away for future use.

Additional California flag history found at: