Good Things



A list of things to share with the kids this weekend:

Remember the The Red Balloon (French: Le Ballon rouge)? It’s a 1956 fantasy featurette directed by French filmmaker Albert Lamorisse. Mr. Lamorisse used his children as actors in the film. His son, Pascal Lamorisse, plays Pascal in the main role, and his daughter Sabine portrays a little girl.

How to doodle a glass fish bowl, a hot air balloon, and a prairie dog.

The results are in: the 2013 Peeps Show Diorama Contest Winners.

Don’t throw those pencil shavings away.

Do you have mature(ish) trees on your property? Find out how much they are “worth” in dollars, using the National Tree Benefit Calculator.

What does a cat’s meow sound like in other languages?

No joke, I think this is kind of pretty. Wait for it.. it starts going about 30 seconds in..

Have a wonderful weekend!

3 thoughts on “Good Things

  1. I love the photo of the moon! :)

    But, where are the two posts that were on my e-mail? i got them on my e-mail, but they are not on here.

    • Hi Catherine,
      I rearrange things from time to time – maybe they’ll be back in the future!

      • Thank you! :)

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