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[Things I Found While Looking Around]

Make your own “Keep Calm” poster.

An open letter to moms from Kid President: Hug more, shout less, and cool it on the meat loaf.

Create your own Picasso Head online: so easy and so fun.

Got a free hour? American Experience’s Surviving The Dust Bowl [full episode] is online right now. It is hard to believe that this catastrophe occurred in America not very long ago. I loved all of the original footage in this program.

The only existing film images of Anne Frank. It’s her, it’s really her.

Anne Frank on Film

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See if you can spot Anne on this short film – It’s the only known film footage that exists.

This video is in Amsterdam, Merwedeplein, at the entrance to apartments 37-39. Anne Frank is looking out of the window of her house at number 37 at a wedding couple and their family leaving for the ceremony in the City Hall. The bride is Anne’s neighbour who lives at number 39. Maids look on from this window too.