Tough Love: A Graduation Speech

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Wellesley High School teacher David McCullough Jr. reminds new graduates that they are far from unique and urges them to be worthy of their advantages and to be selfless.

Anne Frank on Film

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See if you can spot Anne on this short film – It’s the only known film footage that exists.

This video is in Amsterdam, Merwedeplein, at the entrance to apartments 37-39. Anne Frank is looking out of the window of her house at number 37 at a wedding couple and their family leaving for the ceremony in the City Hall. The bride is Anne’s neighbour who lives at number 39. Maids look on from this window too.

Music From Nature

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Can you make a jammin’ dance beat with your lunch?

How about a deep base drum sound from an orange peel?

Or percussive sounds with your almonds?

Apparently some food items do make great music, and Diego Stocco shows us how. Mr. Stocco is a music sound designer, composer and performer who creates eclectic compositions with custom built instruments, elements of nature and experimental techniques. Let’s watch:

Mr. Stocco also makes:

Music from a Tree

Music from a Dry Cleaner

Music from Sand

Surfing the Big One

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This astounding footage was shot on August 27th, 2011 by cinematographer Chris Bryan at Teahupo’o, a small village off the coast of Tahiti. At the time these guys hit the water the French Navy had declared the day a double code red prohibiting and threatening to arrest anyone entering the water. Watch and you’ll see why.


Fresh Art: Food Reinvented

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Short film maker PES ”cooks” up the most unique Western Spaghetti you’ve ever seen.

Here’s the sequel – “Fresh Guacamole”.

Cain’s Arcade

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I never tire of watching this story of 9 year old Cain’s Arcade located in East Los Angeles – what an inspiration for young entrepreneurs everywhere! With summer fast approaching, this is a must watch for all of your budding lemonade stand owners..

Nirvan Mullik shot this video and has also set up a college fund for Cain. Unbelievably, they are on their way to meeting their $250,000 target goal.