Rockstar Photographers: Luke Evans and Josh Lake & Their Insides

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Photographers Luke Evans and Josh Lake made creative use of 35 mm film by swallowing it to see how their digestive systems process it. The piece, titled, “I Turn Myself Inside Out,” began when the team put film strips inside a brightly-colored capsule (to avoid damage to their colons) and swallowed them.

Eventually they excreted the film, sorted out the tablets, used fixer on the film and scanned it with an electron microscope. They blew up the resulting images into massive black-and-white prints, showing the details of the body at work.

“..these are not light based, but are images of the damages, bumps, scratches, deposits made by our bodies on an otherwise smooth film. This was not a *photographic* process, it was an experimentation to see how such a widely used and historic medium could be used alternatively. There was no way of telling at the beginning if it would work without trying it. It took a long time, and a lot of problem solving for us to achieve these images and not kill ourselves in the process.”
-Luke Evans via Creative Review

[via Huffington Post]

Optical Illusions That Come Alive

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Illusory motion: The term illusory motion, also known as motion illusion, is used to define the appearance of movement in a static image. This is an optical illusion in which a static image appears to be moving due to the cognitive effects of interacting color contrasts and shape position.
(via Directory Journal)

Think about “now.” Too late, it’s already become “then.”

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“If two people, one 6 feet tall, the other five feet tall are bit at the same instant by two mosquitoes, the “ouch” takes longer to travel to the taller person’s brain than the shorter person’s brain. There’s hardly a difference, but it’s different enough to make two different ‘nows.’ “

- Quote by Robert Krulwich of Krulwich Wonders, Art by XKCD