Fresh Art: Amazing Paper Construction

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Sydney local Benja Harney is fast becoming the Australian sensei of paper engineering. His one-man operation ‘Paperform’ has risen from the humble kitchen table to create works for brands such as Hermes, Smirnoff, Telstra, McDonalds, Comm Bank, Yahoo and Kylie Minogue to name a few.But what on earth is a Paper Engineer I hear you ask? First off, it’s not origami, as was my first impression. While origami is a wonderful and logical entry point, paper engineering, as the name suggests is about approaching paper in a much more technical manner. Not only does it include paper sculpture but also the design and engineering of pop-up books, a beautiful, difficult and unfortunately fading art form.

[via Slashies]

Anatomy Three Ways

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Pinata Anatomy by Carmichael Lynch:

Illustrated skeletal system, stitched cardiovascular system and felted muscle mass by Dan Beckemeyer:

Lisa Nilsson and her Tissue Series:


Fresh Art: Butterflies Liberated

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In his installation A Butterfly’s Eye View, artist Eiji Watanabe “frees” carefully cut butterfly images from field guide books and pins them in mass around the room.

Fresh Art: Dots

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Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama transformed a completely white room, including furniture, into a spectacle featuring her signature dots, helped by children who visited the exhibition over two weeks and placed brightly coloured stickers throughout the installation at the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane.(via The Guardian)