Fresh Art: Adam Makarenko & The Miniature Hives

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Artist Adam Makarenko crafts tiny backdrops for his photo project entitled ‘Green Refuges’ – a series of miniature dioramas focusing on ideas of preservation. Mr. Makarenko’s love and concern for honeybees inspired these images here – look at just how tiny these beehives are:

Find more of Adam Makarenko’s award winning miniatures HERE

Fresh Art: Ray Villafane & The Gourd-geous Pumpkins

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Sculptor Ray Villafane really knows how to bring a pumpkin to life, AND if by chance you are getting ready to harvest a patch full of ripe gourds and have an afternoon to kill, check out Mr. Villafane’s Tutorial, where you can follow along with the master carver himself.

More pumpkin designs HERE

Fresh Art: Kristen Cumings & The Jelly Bean Masterpiece

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Kristen Cumings is a talented artist of many mediums – you’ve likely seen her spectacular works of art using thousands upon thousands of jelly beans. Here are just a few of the pieces that Mrs.Cumings has created for the Jelly Belly Candy Company:

Recreation of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa (4′ x 5′)

Recreation of Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night (4′ x 5′)

Recreation of Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring (4′ x 5′)

Recreation of Katsushika Hokusai’s The Great Wave Off Kanagawa (4′ x 6′)

See more on including a video of the artist in action.

Fresh Art: Transparent Specimens

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Artist Iori Tomita transforms marine life with the scientific technique of preserving and dyeing organism specimens into an art form with his series that he calls, New World Transparent Specimens.

From Mr. Tomita’s site:

“Originally, the method of making transparent specimens, enzymatically turning the protein transparent, dyeing the bones magenta and dyeing the cartilages blue was established for scientific purposes to study the skeletal system. Taking this a step further to refine the form and coloration of the specimens requires time and experience. I create transparent specimens as pieces of work that help people feel closer to the wonders of life. People may look at my specimens as an academic material, a piece of art, or even an entrance to philosophy. There is no limitation to how you interpret their meaning. I hope you will find my work as a “lens” to project a new image, a new world that you’ve never seen before.”

[via The Inspiration Grid]

Fresh Art: Liquid Photography

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Beautiful flowers? Look a little closer and you’ll see these stunning bouquets are actually drops of paint. Artist Jack Long uses water mixed with thickeners, pigments and dyes. The paint is suspended in air for a split second and he uses an electronic flash to get the moment just right (via Daily Mail).

New Life_3377sig

Flemish Floral_3509

Spring Rose_3250

View more of Mr. Long’s work at Vessels and Blooms or at Jack Long Photography.

Fresh Art: Edible Flags

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Hot dogs, ketchup, and mustard or cheese

Rambutan, lychee, starfruit

Banana leaf, limes, pineapple, passion fruit

Pittaya/dragon fruit and star fruit

Basil, pasta, tomatoes

Curries, rice, pappadum wafer

Tuna and rice

Sweet chilli sauce, shredded coconut, blue swimmer crab

Lavash, fattoush, herb spring

Meat pie and sauce

Kalamata Olives and feta cheese

South Korea
Kimbap and sauces

United Kingdom
Scone, cream, jams

Too pretty to eat? These national flag-inspired food designs were designed by Whybin/TWA for the 2009 Sydney International Food Festival.