Fresh Art: Fish Tank Scenes

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Kim Keever uses plaster, other materials, and a large aquarium to create a variety of land and water landscapes. He then fills the aquarium with water and adds special powders that create billowing clouds and misty effects. He works fast to capture the quickly changing scene on camera – resulting in some pretty amazing photos.

This scene of trees and mountains is called “West”.

Mr. Keever calls this green cave scene  ”Eight Months”. Perhaps that’s how long it took to create?

This is “Estuary”. Can you spot the bird?

Here is “Fallen Tree”.

These caves are called “Buried Dreams”.

And last but not least, my personal favorite “Waterfall”.

Which is your favorite?

See more of Mr. Keever’s work on his website.

Fresh Art: Postage Stamp Painting

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Molly Rausch paints the extended scenes around the edges of postage stamps:

“Each stamp painting begins with an actual postage stamp that is glued down to the paper. Then Rausch paints around the stamp, extending the scene, with watercolor and gouache. As a result, the paintings are quite small – usually around 3 inches tall. Everything is done freehand with a brush; she does not use pens or pencils. She does not paint on the stamp itself. And she does not research the subject, so the extension is completely invented and should not be tested for accuracy.”

Fresh Art: Food Reinvented

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Short film maker PES ”cooks” up the most unique Western Spaghetti you’ve ever seen.

Here’s the sequel – “Fresh Guacamole”.

Fresh Art: Dots

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Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama transformed a completely white room, including furniture, into a spectacle featuring her signature dots, helped by children who visited the exhibition over two weeks and placed brightly coloured stickers throughout the installation at the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane.(via The Guardian)